Thursday, October 4, 2012

Harris & Ewing

 Flag Day. [Woodrow] Wilson speaking, 1914

 Frances Gulick, Y.W.C.A. girl, 1919

 Free Milk For France parade. Margaret Harding, Carter Millinken, 
Avis Hughes, Frances Hampson, 1918

 Friendship charity fete. Leiter children, 1915

 Friendship charity fete. Maypole dance, 1915

 Girl Scouts at White House, 1916-1919

 Girl Scouts gardening, 1917

 Girl Scouts, 1919

 Grand Army of the Republic. Dr. John M. Adams, 
Captain E. R. Monfort, Colonel John McElroy, Rev. Horace Carr, 1915
[The Grand Army of the Republic was an organization of Union Army Civil War veterans.]

Grand Army of the Republic. Parade at 1915 encampment

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