Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dorothea Lange

 A crew of two hundred colored hoers were brought to the Aldridge Plantation to hoe cotton at one dollar a day. Many of them are ex-tenant farmers. Near Leland, Mississippi, 1937

 Carrot pullers from Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Mexico. 
Coachella Valley, California, 1937

 Date palms. Coachella Valley, California, 1937

 Dust Bowl farm. Coldwater District, north of Dalhart, Texas. This house is occupied; most of the houses in this district have been abandoned. 1938

 Family living in shacktown community, mostly from Kansas and Missouri. This family has five children, oldest in third grade. Rent seven dollars per month, no plumbing. 1939

 Farm woman beside her barn door. Tulare County, California. No more horseshoes. 1938

 Five members of Ola self-help sawmill co-op. Gem County, Idaho, 1939

 Fourth of July, near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Rural filling stations become community centers and general loafing grounds. The men in the baseball suits are on a local team which will play a game nearby. 1939

 Grandson of Negro tenant whose father is in the penitentiary. 
Granville County, North Carolina, 1939

 Klamath Basin potato farmer. He remembers when the first carload of potatoes left this valley in 1910. In 1934 he lost thirty-five hundred dollars on forty-eight acres of potatoes. 1939

Louisiana Negress, 1937

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