Monday, October 29, 2012

Charles Mace - Japanese Internment

 A scene in the induction center at Tule Lake. Many children were left guarding the family's sole possessions while their parents went through the routine of being photographed, finger printed and assigned to new quarters. 1943

 A train mother on trip 24, Tule Lake to Heart Mountain, is here shown assisting with the special diet of one of the children requiring pullman accommodations and special feedings. 1943

 Evacuees celebrate New Year's Eve. Topaz, Utah, 1944

 Girl reporters on the staff of the Topaz Times, publication of the Central Utah Relocation Center, interview new arrivals from Tule Lake through the car windows. Topaz, Utah, 1943

 Girls from the Y.W.C.A. Summer Camp at Pueblo, Colorado, many of them evacuees of Japanese ancestry from the Relocation Center at Granada, help the local farmers in their annual battle with the weeds. 1943

 Meals served passengers travelling to and from Tule Lake were excellent. Between meals, ice cream and lemonade were frequently distributed through the coaches. 1943

 Miss Helen Nakauchi, who determined not to miss seeing Glacier National Park when the train skirted that point, obtained permission from the train commander to clean a peep hole. 1943

 Nisei Sergeant, who had seen overseas duty in the China-Burma-India theatre with the United States Army, visits with a girlfriend aboard the SS Shawnee in Los Angeles Harbor. 1945

 Passengers on trip 15 to Tule Lake play a game of Shogi in the car smoker. 
Shogi is a Japanese game similar to chess. 1943

Some of the transferees arrived at the Tule Lake station after the rather tiresome trip from the Central Utah Center, showing little signs of fatigue as they left the coach for their new quarters. 1943

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