Thursday, May 10, 2012

Russell Lee - Musicians, ctd

More photos of musicians from Russell Lee.

 Living room in farm home of John Frost, part owner of 135 acres of semi-marginal land 
in Tehama County, California, 1940

 Musicians in Cajun band contest, National Rice Festival, Crowley, Louisiana. Most of the music was of the folk variety accompanied by singing, 1938

 Orchestra and dancers at payday dance, Mogollon, New Mexico, 1940

 Song director conducting singing of Negro spiritual at soil conservation meeting 
at Vernon, Oklahoma, 1940

 Specialty number of orchestra at the National Rice Festival, Crowley, Louisiana, 1938

Tavern on southside of Chicago, Illinois, 1941

 The band at the Savoy Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois, 1941

 Tulare County, California. FSA farm workers' camp. 
Hired orchestra which played at the President's birthday ball, 1942

 Wife of a homesteader with her WPA music class. These children walk eight miles for their music lessons. Pie Town, New Mexico, 1940

 Woodville, California. FSA farm workers' community. 
Musicians at the Saturday night dance, 1942

 Young lady from nearby college singing at the Jaycee buffet supper and party. 
Eufaula, Oklahoma, 1940

Young migratory agricultural workers singing at the Saturday night dance 
at the Agua Fria migratory labor camp, Arizona, 1940

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