Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Marion Post Wolcott - Kids

Marion Post Wolcott was an FSA photographer. These are some of her pictures of children

 Child of coal miner, Jere, Scotts Run, West Virginia, 1938

 Children at May Day Picnic at Irwinville Farms, Georgia, 1939

 Children in a cotton field, Statesville, North Carolina, 1939

 Children in bedroom of their home. Mother has TB, father is on WPA, 
Charleston, West Virginia, 1938

 Children of WPA worker, South Charleston, West Virginia, 1938

Children ride on sleds almost all winter, Woodstock, Vermont, 1940

 J.A. Johnson's youngest son picking cotton, Statesville, North Carolina, 1939

 Migrant laborer's children. Mother was thirty-two years old, had had eleven children, two sets of twins, six are now living. Belle Glade, Florida, 1939

 Mountaineer's daughter enjoying the sorghum syrup at a neighbor's home during a "syrupping off," Breathitt County, Kentucky, 1940

 Primary class in new school, Prairie Farms, Montgomery, Alabama, 1939

 School choir led by Robert Pierce, school principal. They won state championship. 
Gee's Bend, Alabama, 1939

Singing and music for agricultural workers' children in new day nursery at Okeechobee migratory labor camp. Belle Glade, Florida, 1941

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