Monday, May 7, 2012

Lewis Hine - Newsies, ctd

More photos of "newsies" from Lewis Hine.

 Have been selling 2 years. Youngest, Yedda Welled, is 11 years old. Next, Rebecca Cohen, is 12. Next, Rebecca Kirwin, is 14. Hartford, Connecticut, 1909

 Indianapolis Newsboys waiting for the Base Ball edition, in a Newspaper office. 
Bad environment. Tough negroes etc., 1908

 James Lequlla, newsboy, 12 years old. Selling newspapers 3 years. Average earnings 50 cents per week. Selling newspapers own choice. Don't smoke. Visits saloons. Wilmington, Delaware, 1910

 Joseph Wench, newsboy, 7 years of age. Selling papers 2 years. Average earnings 50 cents per week. Visits saloons. Wilmington, Delaware, 1910

Michael McNelis, 8 years old. This boy just recovered from his second attack of pneumonia, 
was found selling papers in big rain storm today. Philadelphia, 1910

 Newsboy. Little Fattie. Less than 40 inches high, 6 years old. Been at it one year. 
St. Louis, Missouri, 1910

 Newsboys and newsgirl. (Mary Malchade, 9 years old.) Getting afternoon papers. 
New York, New York, 1910

 Newsboys, Utica, New York, 1910

 Newsgirls waiting for papers. Largest girl, Alice Goldman has been selling for 4 years. Newsdealer says she uses viler language than the newsboys do. Hartford, Connecticut, 1909


  1. Hello.

    In regards to the photo entitled "Little Fattie"
    The location was actually in Brooklyn, N.Y. circa 1899.
    His name was Louis Maglino (Luigi Miglino) and he was indeed about 6 years old at the time of this photo. He was my Great Grandfather.
    In his later years, he often told us about being a newspaper boy
    in the City.. how heavy the papers were.. and that he could not
    walk around very well because his shoes were too big (see photo!).
    He recalled a morning when "A man made a big fuss over me and took
    my picture". Sadly. He never got to see this photo.
    He would have gotten a real kick out of it.
    He passed in the early 1980's... just prior to it resurfacing & being used in a widely circulated periodical ad for a Securities Firm.

    1. Hi. Great to know some backstory of the photo. Can I reach out to you for more info about your great grandfather?