Wednesday, May 21, 2014

University of Chicago

These photos are from the University of Chicago Photographic Archive, Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library. The coded numbers after the picture caption are identifiers from the collection (their inclusion is requested as a condition of use).

 Dramatic production at Shakespeare Tercentennial, 1915 [apf4-03726]
 Men socializing in a residence hall, 1943 [apf4-02802]
 Pi Beta Phi south side alumni association party for servicemen, 1942-45 [apf3-02927]
 Residence hall Christmas party [apf4-02911]
 Roasting hotdogs at cookout [apf4-02131]
 Student golfers [apf4-00728]
 Studying in Harper Library [apf4-01938]
 Unidentified students [apf4-03602]
 With almost Seventy-five families occupying the "Prefabs," 
on the 61st Street and Greenwood Avenue site, there are at least 
half a dozen or more lines full of clothes every day. 1946 [apf4-02905]
 There is a lot of neighborliness, such as visiting in each other's houses, at the 
clothes lines, and over the fence that holds the garbage pails, 1946 [apf4-02907]
 Women students in evening gowns [apf4-02835r]

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