Friday, May 30, 2014

Samuel J. Hood Studio

 A passenger vessel leaving Darling Harbour, Sydney, 1910s
 Group portrait in a ship's cabin, ca. 1916
 Man and woman kissing across two vessels
 Partial view of a passenger ship docked at a wharf possibly in Sydney, ca. 1925
 Portrait of Captain Edward Robert Sterling with three women, ca. 1913
 Portrait of two women and a baby possibly on board SS Ormiston, ca. 1934
 Professor Oscar Ulrich and Elsie Vonwiller next to Japanese 
Consul General and Madame K Inoue on board HNLMS Java, 1930
 Seaman with a cat and kitten, ca. 1910
 Ship's officer with pet dog, posed at ship's wheel, 1907-1928
 Spectators watching a naval vessel in the harbour, 
possibly the Japanese cruiser HIJMS Izumo, ca. 1905
 SS Ceramic departing the White Star Line wharf 
at Millers Point, with crowds and streamers, ca. 1925
Two women and ship's officer on the deck of SS Orungal

From the collection of the Australian National Maritime Museum

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