Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Babcocks

Meet the Babcocks, "an American family." Photos by Ralph Amdursky, a photographer for the War Information Office. These were taken in 1943. Mr. Amdursky died in 2013, just shy of 100 years of age. His bio and a eulogy are here.

 Rochester, New York. The Babcocks, an American family
 The Babcocks at the dinner table
 Mr. and Mrs. Babcock enjoy their garden and grow most of their own vegetables
 Earl Babcock watching while Howard, his brother, 
in his Boy Scout uniform, practices tying knots
 Howard Babcock hard at work on one of his model airplanes
 Howard and Earl Babcock playing in front of their house with their cycles
 Mr. Babcock and his two sons, Earl and Howard, fishing on Sunday afternoon
 Mr. Babcock explaining an operation to one of the men whom he supervises at the plant
 Mr. Babcock using the suggestion box at the plant to submit an idea for saving time
 Mr. Babcock leaving the plant for home at the end of the day
 Shirley Babcock is very handy at the sewing machine
and she helps her mother with the family sewing
Shirley helps Mrs. Babcock with the shopping

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