Thursday, May 22, 2014

Frederick Nelson Jones

Frederick Nelson Jones was a New Zealand photographer.

 A dictation session using a shorthand typewriter, 1912-25
 A truck filled with household items, ca. 1920
 At Nelson racecourse, ca. 1910
 Finish of the Great Road Roller Race, Cathedral Steps, Nelson, January 1923
 Grape vine and children, in a glasshouse, ca. 1910
 Group in a motor car, ca. 1910
[what a cool car! doesn't look very safe, though...]
 Group surrounding the first aircraft to land at Nelson, an Avro 504 K, 11 November 1921
 Market day at the helping hand shop, Nelson, 1916. Helping Hands Shops 
were set up to raise money for various patriotic funds during World War I.
 Miss Fergusson inspects Girl Guides and Brownies, 1 August 1925
Two storied house with Reo buggy alongside, Nelson, ca. 1905

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