Tuesday, April 8, 2014


 In Los Angeles' 'Little Tokyo,' news of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor left shocked silence yesterday
 Mrs. Southern California, 6 September 1951. Mrs. Ruth Poger
 Posture Queen, Rosemead High School, 1960
[wow. high school has changed pretty radically in the last 50 years!]
 Riverside County Fair (Hemet), 26 August 1953. 
Jerra Lynne Tyler ("Farmer's Daughter of 1953")
 Santa Barbara road races, 1958
[hard to imagine a more iconic image of 1950s Southern California]
[my subtitle for this: "Fast and Furious: The Prequel" :)]
 Santa Monica beach, 1952
 USC sorority women gathered around a telephone, 1949
 USC sorority women pillow fight
Zeta Tau Alpha members costumed for a Halloween party, 1912

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