Monday, April 7, 2014

Frank Hohenberger

 Anderson and Carpenter crossing Raccoon Creek on tree, 1927
 Boys on stilts, April 7, 1912, Easter
 Paul Percifield at auto wreck, Columbus Road, 1922
 Row of boys at Byron Huff's, 1924
 School picture, Nashville, Indiana, 1946
 Sign at Mrs. Shields', Bean Blossom, Indiana, 1942
 Sorghum mill on Schooner, boiling syrup, 1937
 Susan Thompson Bailey (seated) and Betty Osterbur Fish at Sconce home, wedding gown, 1949
 Tarvia truck and driver, 1928
 Threshing scene near top of Hamman's hill, 1927
Tim Brickey and old Chevrolet, 1931

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