Friday, April 11, 2014


In memory of my father, who died yesterday at age 99, I'm posting some vintage photos of him.

 1932. His high school picture
 December 1941. With army buddies. He's at back left.
 1942. With my mother (pre-marriage) in San Antonio, Texas
 1942. After the wedding
 1943. In Fort Myers, Florida
 1944. Fort Myers, Florida
 1946. A family now (that's my sister in the middle)
 1950-52. In Delaware. 
 1955. Yes, that's me he's holding
1956. At Atlantic City or thereabouts


  1. Looks like this is a man who had a wonderful life filled with adventure, dedication, fun and a lot of love. Thank you for the photos you post on here I always enjoy your new posts. best wishes

    ps. my dad died when I was 3 so I never knew the love of a father.

    1. He was a good dad. Very patient with me even when I was insufferable...

  2. I'm sorry about your father passing away. But wow - 99! You are blessed to have had him so long. What wonderful pictures of your dad and his life. Thank you for posting them!

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  4. May you & your family be uplifted in these painful days. While your dad lived a long & prayerfully healthy life, the pain of a loved one's passing is always difficult. Grace, peace, & prayers be with you.

  5. Sorry for you.
    Wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing them.