Sunday, April 13, 2014

Arthur Siegel

 Detroit, Michigan. Little girl with ice cream cone in the zoological park, 1942
 Detroit, Michigan. Little girls wheeling baby brother in a carriage, 1942
 Detroit, Michigan. Marchers in the Labor Day parade, 1942
 Detroit, Michigan. Radio broadcast in the Crowley-Milner department store, 1941
 Detroit, Michigan. Sailors and girls at zoological park, 1942
 Detroit, Michigan. Scrap collected for salvage at a rally sponsored by the 
Work Projects Administration (WPA) at the state fairgrounds, 1942
 Detroit, Michigan. War worker and family strolling through the zoological park, 1942
 Detroit, Michigan. Woman holding a harness strap 
to prevent child from getting lost in zoological park, 1942
Detroit, Michigan. Young mother with her own and neighbor's child, 1942

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