Friday, February 21, 2014

Land Girls

The Women's Land Army (aka "land girls") was an organization set up in the UK during the First and Second World Wars to bring women into the countryside to do agricultural labor, freeing up the men for combat.  If you want to get much more of the flavor of farm life during World War II in England, watch the Wartime Farm series - they talk about the land girls during several of the episodes.

These are all photos of World War II land girls, mostly in England, a few in Australia.

Then there was the Women's Forestry Corps, where women did timber harvesting. These women were known as "lumberjills".

 Note the young lady at left with the notepad. In the "Wartime Farm" show they tell 
how the lumberjills were tasked with taking detailed measurements of their take, 
so that the ministry had good information on which to allocate the timber.

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