Friday, February 14, 2014

Frank Hohenberger

 Load of baskets and chairs, from Nashville, Tennessee, 1928
 Log jail with visitors, Nashville, Indiana, 1927
 Maggie King, Taggart settlement, wind charger cabin, 1941
[what's a wind charger cabin?]
 Mail buggy, Santa Claus, Indiana, 1925
 Marion, Indiana, Garden Club group at Scott Murphy's, 1947
 Martinsville telephone exchange operators, 1927
 Mary Jane McGuire, 1925
 Maypole dance for Blossom Festival, 1929
 Milton Newlin, Indian campground, out of Spencer, 1927
 Miss Lily Schueler and mother, Alton, Illinois, 1947
Misses Gravis and Terhune, dancers, 1927

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