Sunday, February 23, 2014

Alfred Palmer

 "Big Pete" Ramagos, a rigger at work on the TVA's Douglas Dam in Tennessee, 1942
 A painter cleans the tail section of a P-51 Mustang fighter prior to spraying with olive-drab camouflage. North American Aviation plant, Inglewood, California, 1942
 B-17F Flying Fortress at Douglas Aircraft's Long Beach plant, October 1942
 B-25 bomber assembly hall, North American Aviation, Kansas City, 1942
 B-25 bomber final assembly line at North American Aviation works, Inglewood, California, 1942
 Douglas Aircraft Co. at Long Beach, California. Carefully trained women inspectors check cargo transport innerwings before they are assembled on the fuselage, 1942
 Final assembly for a B-25 bomber at North American Aviation, Inglewood, California, 1942
 Fort Knox, Kentucky. Infantryman with halftrack. A young soldier 
sights his Garand rifle like an old-timer, 1942
 Furnace man at phosphate smelter, TVA chemical plant near Muscle Shoals, Alabama, 1942
 Kansas City, Kansas. B-25 bomber plane at North American Aviation 
being hauled along an outdoor assembly line, 1942
 P-51 fighter planes being prepared for test flight at the field of the 
North American Aviation, Inglewood, California, October, 1942
 Parris Island, South Carolina. Marine lieutenant glider pilot in training at Page Field, 1942
 Servicing an A-20 bomber at Langley Field, Virginia, 1940
 Thousands of North American Aviation employees at Inglewood, California, look skyward as the bomber and fighter planes they helped build perform overhead during a lunch period air show, 1942
 Touching up the U.S. Army Air Forces insignia on a "Vengeance" dive bomber manufactured at Consolidated-Vultee's Nashville division, 1943
Truck driver at the Tennessee Valley Authority's Douglas Dam, 1942

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