Thursday, July 11, 2013


 Gold-painted stripper
 Operators of a wire service arrested at their headquarters after a gambling raid, 1941
 Subway Serves as Blackout Shelter, August 13, 1943
 Summer on the Lower East Side, 1937
 The dead man's wife arrived, and she collapsed, ca. 1940
 The show's going to start any minute, ca. 1950
 Then She Cries, Frank Sinatra Concert, Paramount Theater, 
New York, November 5, 1944
 Title unknown
 Untitled [Police officer and lodge member looking at blanket-covered body of woman 
trampled to death in excursion-ship stampede, New York], 1941

 Vegetable Dealer, 1946
 Woman signing autographs
[anyone recognize her?]
Woman sleeping in movie theater, ca. 1943

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