Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ruth Orkin

 Albert Einstein at Princeton Luncheon, 1953
 American girl in Italy, 1951
Orkin is perhaps best known for her photograph, American Girl in Italy, taken in 1951. The subject of the now-iconic photograph was the 23-year-old Ninalee Craig (known at that time as Jinx Allen). The photograph was conceived inadvertently when Orkin noticed the men ogling Allen as she walked down the street. Orkin asked Allen to walk down the street again, to be sure she had the shot. [Wikipedia]
 At the American Express office, Florence, Italy, 1951
 Central Park, 1965
 Comic Book Readers, 1947
 Couple in MG, Florence, Italy, 1951
 Florence, Italy, 1951
 Hudson River, New York, 1948
 Jinx and Justin Flirting at the Cafe, Florence, Italy, 1951
 Sandstorm, Greenwich Village, New York City, 1949
 Shoeshine boy getting a customer, New York, 1948
 Shoeshine boy getting paid, 1948
Tired Tourist

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