Friday, July 12, 2013

Harris & Ewing

 A get-acquainted tea at which students present their parents and friends to members of the faculty was given at Immaculata Junior College today. February 1939
 Apparently happy to get back to work these three senators, Senator Warren R. Austin of Vermont, Senator Herbert E. Hitchcock of South Dakota, and Senator Hattie Caraway. November 1937
 Arriving early at the Capitol today for an appearance before the 
Senate Interstate Commerce Committee, screen actor Robert Montgomery 
was kept busy autographing until called to the stand. 1939
 Brewers Girls softball team from New Orleans & Senator Ellender. 1939
 California Fig Ball. April 1938
 California orange week festival ball display. 1938
 Crow Indian group
 Daniel Boone group, 1920s
 Daughters of members of the House have now organized a social 
and luncheon club and meet regularly at the Capitol. March 1940
 District of Columbia street car traffic, 1918
Eastern High School

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