Friday, July 26, 2013

Russell Lee

 Residents of Section 30. Near Winton, Minnesota, 1937
 Revivalist singing at rally under trees in square, 
 Saturday afternoon, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, 1939
 Rice farmer getting drink of water from water boy 
on farm near Crowley, Louisiana, 1938
 Rustan's daughter reading a Sunday paper, 
Rustan brothers' farm near Dickens, Iowa, 1936
 Slot machine spectators, Pilottown, 1938
 Southeast Missouri Farms. Negro FSA client cultivating in field of corn, 1938
 Spanish-American girls mixing adobe plaster with their hands, 
Chamisal, New Mexico, 1940
 Spanish-American women plastering an adobe house, Chamisal, New Mexico, 1940
 Spectators at childrens' races, Labor Day celebration, Ridgway, Colorado, 1940
Spectators at S.W. Sparlin's auction sale, Orth, Minnesota, 1937

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