Friday, February 1, 2013

National Photo

 Latest thing in flasks. Mlle. Rhea, dainty dancer who is now in the city as part of the Keiths program inaugurates the garter flask fad in Washington. 1926

 Imaculate Conception, Mary procession, 1923

 Laddie Boy's birthday cake, 1922
[Laddie Boy was President Harding's dog and a celebrity in his own right.]
 Mary Roberts Rinehart, well known writer, 
snapped while out for a stroll with her favorite pet. 1920s

 Massachusetts Nautical School, 1923

 Mrs. Muriel MacSwiney, 1922

 World Flyers with girl friends, 1924

 Sunshine Girls, 1923

 President and Mrs. Coolidge, Mother Jones, and Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. 1924

Police raid a gambler's den. Several loads of book makers 
were taken from the E St. address by the police. 1925

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