Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Frances Stewart - Japanese Internment

 Free-hand drawing class. Hunt, Idaho, 1943

 Harvest Festival Queens at Camp 1, Thanksgiving day. l-r, Irene Takayama; Peggy Tagami; Chiyi Sekino, Queen; Claire Fujishige; Janet Miura. Rivers, Arizona, 1942

 Ice cream bar passes hands in the community store at Manzanar. 1942

 Kindergarten and nursery children having a grand time on the see-saw, Rivers, Arizona, 1943

 Kitchen crew preparing lunch. Menu is baked macaroni with Spanish sauce, spinach, pickled beets, bread-pudding, tea, bread and butter. Dave K. Yoshida, chef. Hunt, Idaho, 1943

 Kiyoko Tatsukawa, former high school student from Huntington Beach, California, and a graduate of the spring 1943 class in Nurse's Aid at the Poston Hospital

 Little girls playing house at this War Relocation Authority center where evacuees of Japanese ancestry are spending the duration, Poston, Arizona, 1942

 Lucy Yonemitshu, former student from Los Angeles, California, enjoys a few free moments from her household duties and listens to swing music from her familiar and favorite Los Angeles radio station. Manzanar, California, 1943

 Mary Nakagaki studying in the library, Rivers, Arizona, 1942

 Members of the Chick-a-dee soft ball team from Los Angeles choose sides for a practice game at Manzanar, where, since evacuation, the girls have kept their team intact. 1942

 Members of the fire department spend their leisure time by a friendly game of cards. 
Topaz, Utah, 1943

 Memorial Day services at Manzanar. American Legion members 
and Boy Scouts participated in the services. 1942

 Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, accompanied by Dillon Myer, National Director of the War Relocation Authority, visits the Gila Relocation Center, where they were greeted by crowds of enthusiastic evacuees, 1943

 Mrs. Yamatoto, former P.T.A. president from San Francisco, and now head of the Canal Women's Club, presents Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt with a bouquet of flowers, Rivers, Arizona, 1943

 New Year's Fair. Pretty Nami Nadaoka is shown with the program sign at the fair, 
which was held in Camp No. 2, Poston, Arizona, 1943

 Pupils of the high first grade are shown busily at work on their geography lessons. 
Topaz, Utah, 1943

Pvt. Joe Watanabe and his family, Rivers, Arizona, 1944

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