Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dorothea Lange - Japanese Internment

 Family of Japanese ancestry arrives at assembly center at Tanforan Race Track. 1942

 Grandfather and grandchildren awaiting evacuation bus. The grandfather conducted a dyeing and cleaning business. Hayward, California, 1942

 Grandfather and grandson of Japanese ancestry at this War Relocation Authority center. 
Manzanar, California, 1942

 Family of Japanese ancestry arrives at assembly center at Tanforan Race Track. Evacuees will be transferred later to War Relocation Centers where they will be housed for the duration. 1942

 Husbands of these two women are being held as dangerous enemy aliens. Wives and children were evacuated with other persons of Japanese ancestry. San Francisco, California, 1942

 Inhabitants of the Japanese section wave farewell at the departure of their friends and neighbors whom they are soon to follow to Tanforan Assembly Center. San Francisco, California, 1942

 Henry Mitarai, age 36, successful large-scale farm operator with his family on their ranch 
about six weeks before evacuation. Mountain View, California, 1942

 Meal times are the big events of the day within an assembly center. Shown here is a line-up of evacuees waiting for the B shift. San Bruno, California, 1942

 Many children of Japanese ancestry attended Raphael Weill public school, 
Geary and Buchanan Streets, prior to evacuation. This scene shows first-graders 
during flag pledge ceremony. San Francisco, California, 1942

 Japanese mother, wife of interned Shinto priest, with youngest of her nine children who are American born. She has been in the United States ten years and does not speak English. San Francisco, California, 1942

 Members of the Esaki family arrive at Turlock assembly center. The parents, 
who came to this country 38 years ago, owned a fruit ranch near Winters 
on which all but two of this group lived. 1942

 Members of farm families await evacuation bus. In March they came from 
Santa Barbara County to Alameda County, so that all members of the family 
could be evacuated together. Centerville, California, 1942

 Mealtime in one of the mess halls at this War Relocation Authority center 
for evacuees of Japanese ancestry. Manzanar, California, 1942

 Mrs. Dave Tatsuno prepares a final meal prior to evacuation of residents 
of Japanese ancestry. She and her husband, a University of California graduate, 
both were born in this country. San Francisco, California, 1942

 Pre-school children on the way to their barrack homes from morning class. 
Manzanar, California, 1942

 Stringing poles in a bean field in Santa Clara County. Farmers and other evacuees 
will be given opportunities to follow their callings at War Relocation 
Authority centers. Sunnyvale, California, 1942

Staff of The Manzanar Free Press at work.  It is published twice a week and 
printed mostly in English with one page translated into Japanese. 1942

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