Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Detroit Publishers

 Observation car on a deluxe overland limited train, 1910-1920

 Pay day at the shipyard, Newport News, Virginia, 1905

 Pay day for the stevedores, Baltimore, Maryland, 1905

 Pay-day on the levee, 1900-1906
 People picking fruit in an orchard, 1900-1920

 Please go 'way and let me sleep, 1890-1910

 REO Mountaineer, New York to San Francisco and back, 1900-1905
 Polly in the peanut patch, 1900-1905

 Roller skating, Forrest Park, Memphis, Tennessee, 1906
[This park, named after Civil War Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest, was recently in the news.]

Rafting pine logs, Keystone Lumber Company, 1901

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