Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tom Parker

Mr. Parker was another photographer documenting the Japanese Internment experience.

 Grade school children leaving the school, at the Jerome Relocation Center. During the rainy season, the Jerome Center was one vast quagmire. Denson, Arkansas, 1943

 Home visiting day, when parents will visit the school, is a big event, 
and these nursery school children are decked out in their special costumes 
for the special occasion. Denson, Arkansas, 1943

 Junior high school students at their first social hour cut loose with a bit of rug cutting. 
Amache, Colorado, 1942

 Knitting warm woolen clothing for her children against the coming winter, this Japanese mother, at the Topaz Relocation Center, takes advantage of the warm Utah sun. 1943

 Miss Mary Saito and Miss Alice Yamaoka, young Nisei residents at the Granada Relocation Center, register for defense employment with the assistance of Mr. Moon, W.R.A. Employment Division Representative. Amache, Colorado, 1943

 Masao Hatano, teacher of Ikebana, points out details to student Fumiko Yoshigawa. 
The art of Ikebana, or plant arrangements, combines story telling 
and decoration. Denson, Arkansas, 1943

 Lunch time and the workers of the first contingent display healthy appetites. 
Amache, Colorado, 1942

 Montana beet farmer, Spencer, gives these young evacuees of Japanese ancestry, who have volunteered for farm work, instructions in the art of topping sugar beets. 1942

 Nine month old Takashi Yoshida symbolizes the spirit of Christmas 
at the Granada Relocation Center. Amache, Colorado, 1943

 Mrs. S. Nako entertains a friend, Mrs. William Hosokawa, for an afternoon's knitting. 
Heart Mountain, Wyoming, 1943

 Mrs. Kobayashi and the youngest of her family. Amache, Colorado, 1942

 Playground games during the winter calls for a lot of action to keep warm. A young fourth grader makes the most of the 15 minute morning recess. Amache, Colorado, 1942

 Over and under with a volley ball is an exciting game of these grade school children during the morning recess. Amache, Colorado, 1942

 Residents of Japanese ancestry, at the Heart Mountain Relocation Center, were quick to grasp the recreational advantages of Wyoming's cold winter. 1943

Residents of Japanese ancestry, at the Heart Mountain Relocation Center, were quick to grasp the recreational advantages of Wyoming's cold winter. 1943

 Ruby Hifumi, 16 year old high school student with a special New Year's flower arrangement. The flower arrangement of the three materials symbolizes in order, hardiness, courage and strength. Heart Mountain, Wyoming, 1943

One thing about Arkansas mules - you don't have to keep your eye glued to the road - so say these young Nisei boys as they deliver firewood to barracks within the center. Denson, Arkansas, 1942

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  1. Mrs. Chiyeko Umekubo Kobayashi and her daughter, Jean Kobayashi Iwai. My aunt and cousin. I was surprised to see this photo since I haven't seen it in years. Thanks.