Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Harris & Ewing - Kids

 Blanka Brejska, daughter of the Czechoslovakian Counselor and Mme. Brejska, 1938

 Congressional children broadcast, NBC, April 1938

 Children in a theater, 1940

 Congressional children's party Washington, D.C. May 29, 1937

 Diane Stern, November 1938
[a strong entry in the cutest kid competition]
 Didi Rajamaitri, 3-year-old daughter of the Siamese Minister and Mme. Rajamaitri received at a reception with her parents in celebration of the 12 birthday of King Amanda Mahidol of Siam. 1937

 Diplomatic broadcast, 1937

 Foundling Hospital. Playroom

 Foundling Hospital. Playroom

 Four year old Nancy Anderson, daughter of Rep. and Mrs. John Z. Anderson, 
will make her radio debut Saturday on the third annual Congressional Children's Broadcast 
over a national NBC hook-up. 1939

 Countess Scherr-Thoss

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