Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alfred Palmer

Here are some more amazing photos of the women who helped us win World War II.

 North American Aviation workers assembling wing component for a P-51 fighter, 1942

 Metal parts are placed on masonite by this employee 
before they slide under the multi-ton hydropress, 1942

 Engine installers at Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, California, 1942

 Part of the cowling for one of the motors for a B-25 bomber is assembled, 1942

 Punching rivet holes in a frame member for a B-25 bomber, 1942

 Sheet metal parts are numbered with this pneumatic numbering machine in North American Aviation's sheet metal department, Inglewood, California, 1942

 These girls are preparing a metal fuel tank to receive a bullet-sealing cover, 
an important new safety development to military aviation, 1942

 Two women workers capping and inspecting tubing which goes into the 
manufacture of the Vengeance (A-31) dive bomber, 1943

 Riveting team working on the cockpit shell of a C-47 heavy transport 
at North American Aviation, 1942

Switch boxes on the firewalls of B-25 bombers are assembled by women workers 
at North American Aviation's Inglewood, California, plant, 1942

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