Monday, January 14, 2013

National Photo - Kids

 A group of proud mothers, with their babies which they entered 
in the Hoover Play Grounds Baby Show. August 1922

 Bathing beach, May 1923

 C.N. O'Dell children, 1918-20

 Children in costume on steps of sliding board, 1922

 Fog Horn Clancy, 1923

 Edgar E. Porter, one of the White House policeman, was detailed to care for the lost and strayed children during the Easter egg rolling at the White House today. 1923

 Easter egg rolling, 1921

 Four Oriental children, with small bicycles

 Group of boys waving at the photographer while playing in the reflecting pool 
in front of the Lincoln Memorial with a toy sailboat. 1926

 Girls with dolls, 1923

 Jin Cheng Sze, 1923

 Little Betty Sze, daughter of the minister from China and Madam Sze meet the American Santa Claus, who called to visit her at the legation today. 1921

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