Monday, September 17, 2012

Jack Delano

 Singing class in a Negro School, Siloam, Greene County, Georgia, 1941

 Snow in Providence, Rhode Island, 1940

 Spectators at the annual barrel rolling contest in Presque Isle, Maine, 1940

 Students coming out of the library at Iowa State College. Ames, Iowa, 1942

 Tenant family who lived in the Camp Croft area and had to move out, 
near Pacolet, South Carolina, 1941

 The community sing in the Negro church, Woodville, Greene County, Georgia, 1941

 Union Station, Chicago, 1943

Woman who has not yet found a place to move out of the Hinesville Army camp area working on a quilt in her smokehouse. Near Hinesville, Georgia, 1941

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