Monday, September 24, 2012

Dorothea Lange - Migrants

More portraits of Depression-era American migrants by Dorothea Lange.

 "We made good money in the cherries this year. From then on we made just beans." 
Merrill, Klamath County, Oregon, 1939

 Aged woman from Oklahoma. Kern County migrant camp, California, 1936

 Camp talent provides music for dancing at Shafter camp for migrants. 
Halloween party, Shafter, California, 1938

 Drought refugee from Polk, Missouri. Awaiting the opening of orange picking season at Porterville, California, 1936

 Drought refugees from Oklahoma looking for work in the pea fields of California. 
Near San Jose Mission, 1935

 Drought refugees in California migrant camp, 1936

 Family between Dallas and Austin, Texas. The people have left their home and connections in South Texas, and hope to reach the Arkansas Delta for work in the cotton fields. Penniless people, 1936

Children of Oklahoma drought refugee in migratory camp in California, 1936

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