Tuesday, September 4, 2012

G.G. Bain

 Cleaning streets after snow storm, New York, 1908

 Crowd gathered in front of butcher shop during meat riot, New York, 1910

 Garden party, Governor's Island, Florance Kimball and escort 
being offered food, New York, 1908

 Immigrant family at Ellis Island, New York City, March 1917

 Labor activist Mother Jones who was attending the 1915 hearings 
of the federal Commission on Industrial Relations at the New York City Hall
[Mother Jones was one of the more colorful figures in American labor history. She was once called "the most dangerous woman in America." She remains an inspiration today; there is a progressive magazine named after her.]

 Labor parade in New York, 1916

 Margaret Vale Howe, Madeleine Powell Balck, Eve Rovert Ingersoll Brown 
and Miss Marion T. Burritt, participants in a women's peace parade 
down Fifth Avenue in New York City on August 29, 1914

 Mary Garden and Indians from Glacier Park, 1910-1915

 May Day Parade, women marchers, New York, 1909

Mrs. B. Cochran, Mrs. Oscar Straus, Oscar Straus, Mrs. T. Roosevelt Jr., B. Cochran, 1912

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