Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Arthur Rothstein

 Ambridge, Pennsylvania. Scene in the alley on the east side of town, 1938

 An employee of the grapefruit canning plant at Winter Haven, Florida, 1937

 Child labor in the onion field, Delta County, Colorado, 1939

 Child labor, cranberry bog, Burlington County, New Jersey, 1938

 Child of migratory fruit worker. Yakima, Washington, 1936

 Children at city dump, Ambridge, Pennsylvania, 1938

 Children going home from school, Chillicothe, Ohio, 1940

 Children of resettled farmer who has been moved into a new house, 
Wolf Creek Farms, Grady County, Georgia, 1935

 Coming out of the mine, Birmingham, Alabama, 1937

Cranberry pickers on way to checking station, 
Burlington County, New Jersey, 1938

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