Tuesday, June 19, 2012

John Vachon

A set of photos from FSA photographer John Vachon.

 A farm boy takes a break from his labors in Lake of the Woods County, Minnesota, 1939

 Blind beggar on the sidewalk, Omaha, Nebraska, 1938

 Cherry pickers getting off truck which brought them back to camp, 
Door County, Wisconsin, 1940

 Employees of Coca-Cola plant on strike, Sikeston, Missouri, 1940

 Family living in a log cabin, Ozark Mountains, Missouri, 1940

 Family of FSA borrower. Cut-over area of Itasca County, Minnesota, 1941

 Farm family in town, Washington, North Carolina, 1938

 Farm in Coffey County, Kansas, with 30-year-old mule, 1938

 Farm wife and baby waiting in car while husband attends auction, 
Oskaloosa, Kansas, 1938

 Farm wife, Lincoln County, Nebraska, 1938

Farmer at sorghum mill, Lancaster County, Nebraska, 1938

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