Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jack Delano

Another set from Jack Delano.

 Interior of Negro rural house. Greene County, Georgia, 1941

 Lower Manhattan seen from the SS Coamo leaving New York, 1941

 Migratory agricultural workers grading cabbages at the Webster Canning Company, 
Cheriton, Virginia, 1940

 Migratory farm workers sleeping in a house where thirty-five persons are housed, 
vicinity of Belcross, North Carolina, 1940

 Mr. Cicero Ward, Negro FSA client. Southern, Greene County, Georgia, 1941

 Mr. Colson, tobacco farmer near Suffield, Connecticut hanging tobacco up in his barn for curing, 1940

 Mr. Ralph Reitz loading produce at his farm near Falls Creek, Pennsylvania for sale at the Tri-County Farmers Co-op Market in Du Bois, Pennsylvania, 1940

Mr. and Mrs. Simon Kertulla, Finnish poultry farmers, Foster, Rhode Island, 1940

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