Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Harris & Ewing

 We want Roosevelt again, 1936
[Yes, we do. We want Roosevelt again!]
 Wheeler hits sale of guns at peace rally. Washington, D.C., June 8, 1940. Condemnation of 'war hysteria' and defense policies was voiced last night by leaders of congressional, labor, student, and women's groups at an antiwar mass meeting.
 Woman with dog; Lincoln memorial in background, 1923
Woman with signs. Petition to Congress for Modification, Volstead Act, 1932
[the Volstead Act is better known as Prohibition]
 Younger set at Navy loft, Wash. D.C. Helen Defrees, left, daughter of Rear Admiral and Mrs. Joseph R. Defrees, commandment of the Navy Yard, and Lucil van Deer Friedell, daughter of Capt. W.L. Friedell, photographed at the Navy Loft party given by the command and officers for Vice Admiral Matthew R. Best of the Royal Navy, November 2, 1935

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