Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Godby Family Collection

Allen Godby was born on April 2, 1889 in Frogmore, Ontario and moved to Edmonton in 1912. In 1913, he took a job as a steam engineer at a mine in Lovett, western Alberta. He stayed there until 1917 when health concerns drove him to take a job in a mine power house in Mountain Park, western Alberta. He married Elsie Godby (née Walker, born on April 24, 1898) in 1924 and followed work to Coal Valley and Luscar, eventually retiring in Edmonton. The couple had one son, Ensley.

Allen was an avid amateur photographer and was often asked by friends and co-workers to photograph excursions, special events, and groups. Allen died in Edmonton on September 6, 1976 and Elsie died in Edmonton on June 18, 1984.

Couple crossing a river, Lovett, Alberta, 1916
Elsie Godby with a horse, ca. 1920
Portrait of a couple, Lovett, Alberta, ca. 1916
 Three women "hold up" three men, with Allen Godby second from right, ca. 1920
Woman and boy fishing in a river, Lovett, Alberta, 1916

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