Thursday, November 17, 2016

A.H. Poole

 A Royal group in Kilkenny Castle, April 1899
[the gentleman left of center at left of Queen Victoria's
portrait is the future King George V of England]
Good Counsel College, New Ross, gymnastics, ca. 1930
 O'Gorman Bros. Social Club, Tramore Railway Station, 26 June 1920
 Survivors of the Lusitania disaster in Cobh, Co. Cork, May 1915
There is a very good chance (based on the size of the family and age-range of the children in particular) that this is the Riley family: Annie and Edward Riley and their 4-year-old twins Ethel and Sutcliffe. Given that only 764 of the nearly 2000 souls aboard the Lusitania were saved (more than a few due to Irish rescue boats and fishermen), it's very telling that this image seems to capture one of the few (and perhaps only) families to survive the Lusitania sinking "intact". Other young families were not as fortunate. If this image does capture the Riley family, then there is a small mercy in knowing that they continued their journey home to Bradford, where they lived the rest of their days.... [Flickr
Waterford Bicycle Club, ca. 1897

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