Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lewis Hine

This is some of Hine's later work, from the 1930s.

 A little country church, Sharps Station M.E. Church, near Loyston, Tennessee. 
This church will be submerged by the waters of the Norris Dam reservoir. October 1933
 Boy plowing potato field with a mule and bull-tongue plow on steep 
slope on J. W. Melton farm on Andersonville, Tennessee, road. October 1933
 Gaines McGlothin on his farm, R. F. D. #2, Kingsport, Tenn. Like many of the Kingsport Press workers, McGlothin is a farmer as well as an industrial worker. November 1933
 Home of a renter on a small farm in Sevier County, Tennessee. Note the 
attempt to beautify the place with potted plants, ferns, etc. October 1933
Ruby Hilton. The Hiltons live in the suburbs of Kingsport, 
Tennessee, and have a garden and raise chickens. November 1933

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