Friday, October 9, 2015

Henry Armytage Sanders

Henry Armytage Sanders was a New Zealander who photographed his country's troops in action in France during World War I. The photos are from Flickr.

A convoy leaving the New Zealand Stationary Hospital 
for the ambulance train, France, 16 August 1918
A French woman sits next to a New Zealand soldier on a horse-drawn wagon packed with household furniture and belongings. They are shown outside a house (hers?) in a street in Bus-les-Artois near the front lines, 15 April 1918
A howitzer supporting New Zealanders at the front, 
France, Bus-les-Artois on the Somme, 16 April 1918
A New Zealand Field Ambulance corps established in a wood near 
Bus-les-Artois, France. Shows camouflaged tents under the trees, 11 May 1918
Horses killed in a German bombing raid, 1917-18

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