Friday, October 23, 2015

Alexander Galbraith

The Alexander Galbraith Collection consists of about 500 photographic images taken in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada, between about 1894 and 1950, which document prominent businessmen, politicians, and royalty, as well as a wide variety of physical and social settings.

 Barn raising on the farm of Joseph Bales, Lansing, North York Township, frame completed
Farmers market, West Toronto, ca. 1939
Garden party in honour of Prince Arthur, Stanley Barracks, ca. 1904
H. A. Massey's team and carriage, ca. 1905
 Lord and Lady Minto, going to the races 
from the home of Sir Joseph Flavelle, ca. 1903
Picking peaches at Vineland, 1932
Reservoir Park, Toronto
Six Nations Indians, Caledonia
Tally Ho showing visitors around Toronto, ca. 1905

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