Friday, December 5, 2014

Dorothea Lange

 Farmer and boy in the fall of the year at the time the hunting season opens. They live in a white painted house across the road. Jackson County, Oregon, October 1939
 Migrant family in Kern County. This family was sent back at the state line by Los Angeles police. Refused entrance into California, and it was only after they had wired back to Arkansas to borrow fifty dollars cash to show at the border that they were permitted to enter. February 1936
 Migratory agricultural worker family along California highway. U.S. 99, March 1937
 Migratory family in auto camp. California, November 1936
 Migratory family traveling across the desert in search of work in 
the cotton at Roswell, New Mexico. U.S. Route 70, Arizona, May 1937
 Morning mail at the Mineral King cooperative farm, Farm Security Administration, Tulare County, California. Old ranch house, California type, in the background. Buildings will be replaced by modern structures suitable to community farming. November 1938
 Napa Valley, California. More than twenty-five years a bindle-stiff. Walks from the mines to the lumber camps to the farms. The type that formed the backbone of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in California before the war [i.e., World War I]. December 1938
 One pea picker's home. One-half mile off Highway 101 
at Nipomo, California, February 1936
 Two boys from New Mexico now in California to work in the harvests, Spring 1937
Wife and child of migrant worker, encamped near Winters, California. This is a proposed location of Resettlement Administration migrant camp, November 1936

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