Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Adam MacLay

 Family in front of their home, 1905-26
 Family portrait in front of trees, 1905-26
 Family portrait, four women in high neck collar dresses, with hats 
and holding umbrellas, standing in front of bushes, 1905-26
 Group of people in costumes, wearing suits, dresses, hats, 
with riding crop and false beard, in a greenhouse, 1905-26
 Group of summer campers posing for a group portrait, ca. 1902-03
 Members of a women's hockey team with their mascot and cup, 1905-26
 Studio portrait of young girl in shirt and dungarees riding a tricycle, 1905-26
 Three unidentified young male youths amongst pine trees, 
probably Christchurch district, 1905-26
Women with bicycles in a garden, 1905-26
Adam MacLay Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library

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