Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas, Part 2

These Christmas photos are from Harris & Ewing.

 Elinor and Gloria, daughters of Capt. and Mrs. Emmett Gudger and granddaughters of Sen. Walsh of Montana, and their Christmas tree. 1930
 Elizabeth and J. Hamilton Fish, 3rd, children of Rep. and Mrs. J. Hamilton Fish of New York, and their attractive Christmas tree. 1930
 Group of children with Santa, 1930
 Perhaps the Rhineland grows bigger yule trees than this one, but these German kiddies are quite happy with the American product. They are Adelaide, Hubert and Charlotte, children of Rudolph Leitner, First Secretary of the German Embassy, and Mrs. Leitner. 1930
 The children of Sen. and Mrs. James J. Davis and their Christmas tree. The youngsters are Jewel, Joan, Jean, Jane and James, Jr., the five J's. 1930
 Xmas tree and children, 1930
These happy boys grouped about their Christmas tree are George, Jr., Clarkes, and Frederick, the sons of Mr. and Mrs. George Akerson. Mr. Akerson is President Hoover's Secretary. 1930

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