Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lewis Hine - Mill Workers

 Some of the workers in the Pickett Cotton Mill, High Point, NC, 1912

 Some of the youngest workers in Roanoke (Virginia) Cotton Mills, 1911

 Spinners and doffers in Lancaster Cotton Mills. Dozens of them in this mill, 1908

 The Rising Generation, Gregtown, Augusta, where the hands in King Mill live. 
"Worst part of Augusta." 1909

 These all work in Cleveland Hosiery Mills, Cleveland, Tennessee, 1910
[of all the hundreds of photos Hine took, this is my favorite]
 This shows the number of small children on the day shift (50 employees in all) Whitnel, (NC) Cotton Mfg. Co. Nearly as many small ones on night shift. 1908

 Workers in Knoxville Cotton Mill. Knoxville, Tennessee, 1910

 Workers in Knoxville Knitting Mills. Knoxville, Tennessee, 1910

 Young girls going to work after noon hour in Great Falls Mfg. Co., Somersworth, New Hampshire, 1909

Young spinners in Elk Cotton Mills. Youngest girl hardly knew her name. 
Fayetteville, Tennessee, 1910
[I'm sure she knew her name. She was probably extremely shy 
about being questioned by some strange man.]

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