Monday, December 10, 2012

Dorothea Lange - Migrants

 He came from an Oklahoma farm in April, 1938. 
Became a migratory farm worker in California.

 Mexican migrant woman harvesting tomatoes. 
Santa Clara Valley, California, 1938

 Migrant workers' camp, outskirts of Marysville, California, 1935

 Migratory boy, aged eleven, and his grandmother work side by side picking hops. Started work at five a.m. Photograph made at noon. Temperature 105 degrees. Oregon, Polk County, 1939

 Oklahoma sharecropper and family entering California. 
Stalled on the desert near Indio, California, 1937

 Old time professional migratory laborer camping on the outskirts of Perryton, Texas at opening of wheat harvest. He has been on the road since marriage, thirteen years ago, 1938

 Son of destitute migrant, American River camp, near Sacramento, California. 
The boy has dysentery. 1936

Water supply, American River camp, California, San Joaquin Valley, 1936

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