Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cabinet Cards

Here are more cabinet card portraits. These are all of women in the entertainment business.

 Ada Rehan, American actress

 Annie Robe, stage actress known for her beauty, New York

 Ballerina, probably Emma Bassone, as Cupid at the Alhambra Theatre, London (ca. 1886)

 Cissy Fitz Gerald, actress, singer and dancer, New York, 1894

 Elise De Vere, actress and singer, Paris, France, 1899

 Emma Loraine, stage actress, New York

 Estelle Clayton, actress, New York

 Ethel Barrymore, prominent stage actress, New York
[Certainly the most prominent person in this group. 
She was the great-aunt of Drew Barrymore.]

 Fanny Davenport, stage actress, San Francisco, 1880

 Jennie Winston, comic opera actress, Philadelphia

 Julia Marlowe, stage actress, New York

 Kate Claxton, stage actress, New York
[what a wonderfully melodramatic scene!]

Lizzie Burton, comic opera actress, New York

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