Friday, August 17, 2012

Lewis Hine - Mill Workers, ctd

 Arthur Sarasin. Works in weaving room. At his house his people said he was fourteen last week. New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1911

 Family of Albert Senter. Eleven year old Mandy has learned to spin by "helping." The three girls work and Mandy helps, with one eye on a steady job. Fries, Virginia, 1911

 Lillian Nettles, an eleven year old spinner in Magnolia Cotton Mills, Magnolia, Miss. Her sister said, "She ain't old 'nuff to draw pay," but she helps regularly, and says she can run two sides. 1911

 Lillie Robertson, a young spinner in Century Cotton Mills, South Boston, Virginia. 
Runs four sides, 1911

 One of the young spinners in the Quidwick Co. Mill, Anthony, R.I. (A Polish boy Willie) who was taking his noon rest in a doffer-box, 1909

 Pearl said she was 10 years old and helps her mother in the weave room 
of the Pickett Cotton Mill, High Point, NC, 1912

 Ruth Barnhill (elder). Been at it 4 years. Run 6 sides. Emma Barnhill 4 years in mill. 4 sides. 
Looked 10 years old. Maple Mills, Dillon, South Carolina, 1908

 Smith Family, West Point, Miss. Three girls (in front) work in the mill. This boy and others work up town. Came from an Alabama farm six months ago, 1911

 T.J. Fields and family. The father cards, two girls spin, boy on right end picks up bobbins, Washington Cotton Mills, Fries, Virginia, 1911

This boy has worked in Payne Cotton Mill, for 2 yrs Macon, Georgia. Runs 4 sides and earns 52 cents a day. Overseer has hand on boy's shoulder, 1909

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