Thursday, August 9, 2012

Arthur Rothstein

 Farmer after shopping trip, Skyline Farms, Alabama, 1937

 Homemade swimming pool built by steelworkers for their children, 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1938

 Homesteaders with family, Scioto Farms, Ohio, 1938

 Inhabitants of Gees Bend, Alabama, 1937

 Mandy Handley, wife of tenant farmer, Walker County, Alabama, 1937

 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lynch, tract no. 189, Johnston County, North Carolina, 1936

 Mrs. Louise Temple feeds some of her turkeys on their farm in Chaffee County, Colorado, 1939

 Schoolteacher at Corbin Hollow, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, 1935

 Sheepherder with a large flock, Madison County, Montana, 1939

Shoveling snow off the sidewalk, Chillicothe, Ohio, 1940

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