Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lewis Hine - Cranberry Pickers

 Amelia Louise Sousa, 12 years old. Picks 22 measures. Balmeda 4 years old. Children said she doesn't pick, but she was picking just the same. Falmouth, Baker Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

 Arnao family. Whole family works. Whites Bog, Browns Mills, NJ, 1910

 Bella Roy, said 11 years old. "Been comin' here 7 years, been pickin' since I was 5 years old." Smart's Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

 Carrie Maderyos ready to pick. Said 12 years old. 
Falmouth, Swift's Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

 Eight-year-old, Jennie Camillo, lives in West Maniyunk, Pa. For this summer she has picked cranberries. This summer is at Theodore Budd's Bog at Turkeytown, near Pemberton, NJ, 1910

 Even the little tiny one about 5 years old was picking. Some others picking regularly. 
Rochester, Eldridge Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

 Fred Nozzecho, five years old. Picking this year. Theodore Budd's Bog at Turkeytown near Pemberton, NJ, 1910

 General view of Forsythe's Bog, with Padrone. Pemberton, New Jersey, 1910

 Joe carrying cranberries. Said 10 years old. Picks also. 
Falmouth, Swift's Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

Manuel Robello, 10 years old. Picks and carries. 
Falmouth, Baker Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

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